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My name is Danata Tselinskaya , I am a teddist artist.I live in the south of Russia , in a historical city that was given by Empress Catherine II the Great, earlier it was called Ekaterinodar. It is very beautiful and rich in its greatest history, for which it was nicknamed "little Paris". i created my first bear in 2017 and this process inspired me so much that i couldn't stop. In creating my characters, I am guided solely by my imagination, my unique style and my author's technology. I put my love,my feelings, my soul into my works. each toy has its own story,its own emotions and its own positive energy. Looking at them, you just can't help but smile and smile back at them, rather take them in your arms and share your hugs with them. My toys live all over the world and I am very happy that they have all found loving homes. I am very grateful to all the collectors for their love for my creations .I will be very happy to participate in your show Teddy Mission.

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