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Teddy Artist -Elena Burgova 

Hello dear teddy bear lovers! My name is Elena Burgova and I'm a teddy bear artist from St.Petersburg.

In 2013, I first fell in love with designer teddy bears.​ At the time I was the sales manager at a car dealership.​ Then in 2015, I completely changed my life and made making teddy bears my profession. Today I consider this decision to be the best in my life.


Today teddy bears are my job, my hobby and my life.​ I wait every morning to sit down at the table again and start creating a new teddy. I love all bears, all sizes, colors and styles.​ In everyone I see their soul and character. This is probably why my teddy bears vary from 5cm to 80cm, and their styles from vintage to creative. But mini teddies are my favorite!


I really like to participate in exhibitions and competitions. My teddy bear became the nominee of the "Golden George" and received awards "URSA Major 2018", Best in show of exhibition "Teddy World 2018, 2019", "Teddy Master 2018, 2019" and many other.

My bears have spread all over the world from Australia to the USA.​ 


I hope that my works will find a response in the hearts of show visitors and expand their habitat a little more.

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