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Olga Titova

Artist - Olga Titova

My name is Olga Titova and I'm from Belarus. I started work under my animal characters from 2006. 

A big passion of mine long time was a history and knights tournaments. Because of this my teddy bears inspired by historical characters and different books about fantasy and adventures. 

My creations found homes all over the world. I hope you will find here a Teddy which will be your best friend.

My awards:
Teddy Bear Total 2015, nominee (felted animal)
International Moscow Dimond Bear 2015, 1st place (friends teddy)
International Moscow Dimond Bear 2015, nominee (dressed bear)
First Russian OnLine Show TeddyMonopoly, 2st place (friends teddy)
Teddy Bear Total 2016, nominee (diorama)
Teddy Bear Total 2016, Golden George (fantasy)
Alfonso Bear Artist Award, first place (bear with the profession)
URSA Award 2017, first place (medium outfitted bear)
Bristol Bear Award 2018, first place (bear from cinema) 
URSA Award 2021, first place (medium outfitted bear)

Teddy Mission Ambassador since Spring 2022

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Welcome To My Stall

Browny Bear 4
Browny Bear

Browny Bear Exclusive To Teddy Mission

Summer Show 2022

Browny Bear

270 usd +20 usd shipping 


Small brown bear cub with 5 joints. Made from Schulte alpaca fur, very soft and pleasant to touch. Filled by sawdust, 100 % natural sheep wool and metall pelets.


Eyes was made from glass with eyelids in needle felt technik, covered by acril paints and lacquer. Nose made from natural leather.


Tint by oil colors and spirit markers.


Claws made from polimer clay and decorated by oil colors and covered by lacquer. 


Finger pads and mouth inside made from natural leather. 

 Racoon - Teddy Mission Summer Show 2022

Racoon Baby 250 USD +20 usd  shipping

Baby racoon made from Schulte pluch, alpaca

7 inches (18 centimeters)
Filled by metall pelets, natural 100% sheep wool, and sawdust.
5 joints
Glass eyes, eyelids made from sheep wool by dry felting technic
Nose made from miliput
Very pleasant to hugs

 Budger Buddy - Teddy Mission

Summer Show 2022

Budger Buddy 270 usd+20 usd shipping
by Olga Titova
10.2 inches (26 centimeters)
Budger made from german Schulte faux fur, alpaca and mohair. He is very handsome and good to huds fellow.

The Budger has:
- 6 joints (2 in the neck)
- glass eyes
- felted eyelids
- mineral and kauchuk pelets inside
- filled by 100% natural sheep wool

The paws made with leather pillows and claws from polimer clay. The eyelids made from natural sheep wool in dfy felting technique. The nose made from polimer clay.






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