Our Mission

  • To bring more beauty, happiness, talent and kindness to the world, while we feel the honour to present this beautiful handmade art from International Artists.

  • To provide an opportunity for experienced authors to present their work and talent for the new audience, connect them with collectors and teddy enthusiasts around the world.

  • To serve as a motivation and a chance to start for the young artists. 


  • Go global by promoting the art of authors teddies, soft sculptures, dolls and creatures.

  • To unite and support teddy artists around the world, to popularise the value and the beauty of this wonderful, heart-warming craft. 

Happiness is Handmade

How do we see Teddy World and Teddy Mission?


Teddy Mission is a celebration of creative hearts for all those who create beauty and those who admire it.

We are deeply convinced that anyone who loves teddies brings good, positive energy into the world. People who love teddies are good, loyal friends, incapable of betrayal. They create magic, while keeping in touch with their inner child, they continue to believe in miracles, no matter what. Teddy authors create fairy tales with their own hands, therefore we confidently declare that the Virtual Exhibition Teddy Mission Spring 2021 promises to be an exciting and beautiful event that brings magical and positive emotions for everyone.

We really want this project to be able to serve as a motivation and a new opportunity for many, especially during such an uncertain time.


We are waiting for you all!

By: Anzhelika Kostin

How do Exhibitors Benefit?


  • New opportunities and New interactive platform.

  • Opportunity to reach out to New International buyers.

  • The opportunity to express yourself as an exhibitor of International Exhibition.

  • Participation in International Exhibitions helps to grow audience, followers, clients and gain new contacts.

  • Personal page with an active link that every author can share with their audience.

  • Free participation in the Exclusive Teddy Mission Contest with beautiful and specially designed awards.

  • Diploma of Teddy Mission 2021 participant.​

  • When you choose to exhibit with Teddy Mission, you help us to make this world more beautiful and kind.  As We continue to support our chosen charity, we will donate 2 euro from each participation fee to organisation "To Children With Love".  As well as host a Fundraising Lottery during the exhibition. 

Teddy Mission 2021


International Virtual Exhibition of

 Exclusive and One of a Kind Works

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