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I am a Swiss teddy bear artist living in England. As mother of a 6- and a 4-year-old girl, it may at times be tricky to find some time to make my teddy bears. My mind is often bursting with ideas that have to wait until much later in the year. 

Making my teddy bears means the world to me. Although I am proceeding at a relatively slow pace, it is a welcome interruption of my otherwise hectic days; it means to have some quality time to sit, catch my breath and focus on creating these loveable mohair friends with my own hands. 

I like to do everything on my own, without sewing machine, to be able to place every stitch exactly where I want it to be. My favoured material by far is mohair fur by Steiff/Schulte.

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Teddy-bear Mutz

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Teddy Mutz 1
Teddy Mutz 1

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Teddy Mutz 2

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Teddy Mutz 7

Teddy Mutz 1
Teddy Mutz 1


Teddy Mutz


He is a cheerful 19cm/16” tall teddybear made from dark brown mohair with white tips from the Steiff/Schulte factory in Germany.


He has five copper pin joints with which he can move his arms, legs, and head. Although he is firmly stuffed with polyfill, Mutz has a long and very soft fur, perfect for a big cuddle. He has black glass eyes, and comes with a brown scarf.


Price: 115 EUR  (shipping - free of charge)






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