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It all started in December 1997 with a loving veteran teddy bear. We couldn't resist his gaze at a flea market and bought him. No idea about old bears, let alone artist bears. From now on our passion for antique teddies was awakened, and over time more and more came.

In December 1999 we got the opportunity to visit a bear market for the first time. We just wanted to have a look! But in the end we drove with Sam our first new one. From now on old and new should share the space in our house.

On February 10, 2000 the time had finally come.

Heiner was born after a few outbursts of anger and one long night.

My first self-made bear! How proud I was, because sewing machine, needle and

Threads have always been an abomination to me, and it has remained so until today. I only really enjoy sewing bears !!!

My bears are made exclusively according to my own designs.

Sometimes I use old synthetic and mohair fabrics, mostly I work with hand-dyed mohair that my husband Carsten dyes for me and. We also offer hand-dyed mohairs and viscose for sale at the teddy bear exhibitions.

We love to go to teddy shows and meet lots of friends from all over the world.

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