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  Teddy Mission

When Handmade Teddies & Friends
Meet Online


Teddy Mission is a Virtual Exhibition of Handmade Teddy Bears, Soft Sculptures, Creatures & Dolls, that features only Original and One of a Kind works created by Artists from around the World. Teddy Mission is a wonderful opportunity to find the most precious, unique and heart-warming handmade pieces from the magical World of Teddies.

Next Online Exhibition & Star Awards

22- 28 August 2022

The Teddy Mission exhibition welcomes authors and guests from all over the world and opens its doors in a new, interesting online format. We want to make this online show exciting for artists, collectors and exhibition visitors, as we gather only Handmade, Original and One of a Kind works here. Works created and presented with love by very talented, international artists. 

Teddy Mission welcomes all teddy authors, from the aspiring little stars to artists with experience and awards. Teddy Mission is a unique opportunity to gather large numbers of like-minded people, beautiful works and to connect collectors and teddy fans with authors on one platform. 

Next Show, our third virtual event will take place on our website

from 22- 28 August @12:00 PM (GMT)

Virtual Exhibition Guest Entry Fee: Free of charge

Feel free to join our private group on Facebook 

Teddy Mission Vip Club created for Artists, Collectors, Teddy Enthusiasts and all the good people around the world, who enjoy the magic of this wonderful craft. Members of the group get exclusive access to the show, before anyone else @11:00 am GMT.

Star Award Winners - Christmas Show 2021 

  1. Artist of The Show - Marnie Pantano - Australia

  2. Teddy Bear of The Show - Snowflake - Maria Trotsenko -Ukraine

  3. The Best Composition - Lady Penelope - Danata Tselinskaya - Russia

  4. Extraordinary Technique - Topaz - Svetlana Smirnova - Belarus

  5. Style & Grace - Marry - Susanne Tauber - Germany

  6. Most Creative Work - Bear Mlad - Elena Vasyuk - Russia

  7. Most Unique Creation - Alter Ego - Julia Romanova - Russia

Welcome to All

"Hello and Welcome Dear Guests and Artists!

We hope You enjoy our Unique Virtual Exhibition of Handmade Teddies, Dolls & Creatures.


Happiness is handmade, and we truly believe that many of you will be able to find something very special here. Something that rings the magic bell inside your heart!"

Alexa Dee, Teddy Mission

- Alexa Dee, Teddy Mission Organiser