Artist Participation Rules

Teddy Mission Participation Rules, Instructions,

 Benefits & Star Awards

Exhibition time:  1-21 December 2021

Theme of exhibition - Christmas Atmosphere

Work photographs of registered exhibitors are accepted until November 12, 2021. Number of participants accepted for Teddy Mission Christmas 2021 is limited. Registration of new artists may close earlier, so please register in advance to avoid disappointment.  


Main Participation option 1. Every author who wishes to take part in the upcoming online Christmas show and Exclusive Star Awards may fill out the registration form and pay the participation fee. Every registered artist may present at least 1 and maximum 7 original works at the show and may submit their photo material before the deadline - November 12th 2021.  Maximum permitted number of non-exclusive to Teddy Mission Christmas 2021 works is 2. Exclusive works make the show exciting and interesting to the viewers. At the same time, we also leave the opportunity for each author to demonstrate some of their already existing works, even if they were featured in other shows before. 


Please Note: Only Exclusive works allowed into the contest. Each artist can nominate up to three exclusive works to take part in all 7 nominations.  Cost of participation is €55. Artists receive all the participation benefits, personal artist page, the right to sell and present up to 7 original works, digital diploma of the participant, free participation in the exclusive star awards.  Minimum number of works presented by each Artist -1 (has to be exclusive). Maximum number of works per Artist - 7.

Participation option 2. This option has been created for those artists, who don't have any new works available for whatever reason, but still really want to be a part of our International Virtual Christmas Exhibition. You can take part in the exhibition by registering 2 of your original works with us. Its alright to use the work, that was already taking part in other shows. Please note, only TWO works permitted  with this participation option. Such participation cost is €30. This fee includes artist's Digital Diploma of the International Participant, and every other benefit apart from the awards. Awards are strictly for the exclusive to the event works. If interested in this option only, please get in touch


If for any reason you are not be able to participate in a show you have paid for, we will gladly credit you entry into the next available show. We do not offer refunds.

Exclusive Works. Dear Artists. Final Idea of your Exclusive to Teddy Mission Christmas Show 2021 works must be kept a secret until the opening day. But you may show some details of the creation process to keep the intrigue during the preparation for the show, without exposing the final idea and showing full faces of your Teddies.

You can use Teddy Mission Logo to cover the details in your photos. 


We do not take any commission on sales. Sales will not be processed through our website. Visitors will be able to contact every artist and make their purchases with them directly via email or social media platforms or phone number if provided by the artist.

Important! The work must be artist's original creation.

It is prohibited to present the works of other artists under your own name.

It is prohibited to violate the rights of other authors.  Only newly made works can be called and considered EXCLUSIVE TO TEDDY MISSION, it is a very important rule of the show, and it can't be violated. 

Please note that works created via Masterclasses can't take part in the Star Awards as they won't be considered exclusive.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not permit violation of other artists copyrights

Violation of participation rules, disrespect towards other contestants, jury members and organisers will also result in immediate removal from the platform. Teddy Mission will only ever support kind, respectful and fair communication in its community.


Photo Instructions.


  • Photo format - JPG.

  • Theme - Christmas atmosphere/ Cosy or Magic time/ Any of the elements that can represent Christmas season must be present in the exclusive photos.

  • The minimum number of photos (JPG IMAGES) of each work is 3, maximum is 7.

  • Take pictures of your work from different angles.

  • Please do not crop your photos, they will lose quality. Don't add any frames, writings or stickers to your photos. your small logo is fine if can't be avoided.

  • Please make sure your photos are in good focus. 

  • To avoid confusion, call your photo by the names of the work. For example, your work is called "Teddy Archi" and you are sending 3 photos of him, that means you will name them: Teddy Archi 1, Teddy Archi 2, Teddy Archi 3.

  • To send all the photos and a Word File with a description of all works, please use the Google Drive, then share your link with:

  • Description file (in English language) must include Size, Price in EUR and Shipping cost at the end. Include info on materials used and history of work process if relevant. IMPORTANT! Mark your exclusive works in the word file. 

  • Photo content is accepted until November 12th (Inclusive) 

We ensure that we display only original and one of a kind works as well as high quality photographs

for visitors and buyers to enjoy. Thank You!

What are the benefits for the exhibitors? 


  • New platform, new opportunities, new contacts.

  • The opportunity to showcase your work abroad and expand your audience Internationally.

  • Opportunity to advertise work in private Teddy Mission VIP club Facebook group.

  • Communication with like-minded people. 

  • The opportunity to express yourself and find motivation. 

  • Personal page of Teddy Mission exhibitor. 

  • Free participation in the contest with special Star Awards.

  • Diploma of the participant of the International Exhibition Teddy Mission 2021. 

  • When you choose to exhibit with Teddy Mission you also choose kindness. We donate 2 euro from each participation fee to our selected charity. (Charity announced soon)

tammy and her babyimage0.jpeg

Artist's personal page will contain: Photograph of the artist, short biography, gallery of works, description of each work, contact details (e-mail & Instagram mention) price of work in euros, comment box and star rating  for visitors leave reviews. 


Star Awards


Exciting News! Exhibitors have the opportunity to take part in our Exclusive Teddy Mission

Star Awards.

7 Star Awards- 7 Talented Winners announced at the end of our Christmas Virtual Teddy & Friends Show - Teddy Mission 2021 takes place on

1-21 December 2021

All registered artists can nominate up to 3 of their Exclusive Works to take part in the contest in all 7 nominations. 

Our Fabulous Jury Members:

List Coming Soon!

Don't Miss Out!

 Contest Nominations

  1. Artist of The Show

  2. Teddy Bear of The Show

  3. The Best Composition

  4. Most Creative Work

  5. Extraordinary Teqhnique

  6. Style & Grace

  7. Most Unique Creation