Artist Participation Rules

Teddy Mission Participation Rules, Benefits & Awards

Exhibition time: from 7 to 21 April 2021.

Works and applications are accepted until March 18, 2021.

Main Participation option 1. Every author may present at least 50% of works that are exclusive to Teddy Mission 2021, as that’s what makes the show interesting and exciting. At the same time, we also leave the opportunity for each author to demonstrate their  already existing works, even if they were featured in other shows before. Cost of participation is €55. It includes all the participation benefits, the right to present up to ten works, diploma of the participant, free participation in the exclusive awards.

Participation option 2. This option has been created for those artists, who don't have any new works available for whatever reason, but still really want to be a part of our International Virtual Spring Exhibition. You can take part in the exhibition by registering one of your original works with us. Its alright to use the work, that was already taking part in other shows. Please note, only ONE work is permitted  with this participation option. Such participation cost is €30. This fee includes artist's Digital Diploma of the participant, and every other benefit apart from the awards, as the awards are strictly for the exclusive to the event works. If interested in this option only, please get in touch

Your exclusive works must be kept a secret until the opening day. You may show the details of your works to keep the intrigue during the preparation process, but without revealing the whole thing.

Important! The work must be yours, original. It is prohibited to present the works of other artists under your own name.

It is prohibited to violate the rights of other authors. In case you are planning on representing works of other artists, please do let us know, as we will require their written permission.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not permit violation of other artists copyrightsViolation of participation rules will result in immediate removal from the platform without the refund of registration fee

The participants who paid the participation fee and completed the registration must send photos (to: that meet the following requirements:

Horizontal photos in jpeg (jpg) format not less than 1920 * 1280px

Vertical photos in jpeg (jpg) format not less than 1280 * 1920px

Please send at least 3 photographs of each exclusive work, take photos from different angles. 

Photo content is accepted until March 18th sharp

We ensure that we display only original and one of a kind works as well as high quality photographs for visitors and buyers to enjoy.

The cost of participation in the exhibition is not refundable after March 7th 2021. If, for any reason, you change your mind about taking part in the exhibition, then you must inform the organisers in writing before this date.

What are the benefits for the exhibitors? 


  • New platform, new opportunities. 

  • New contacts, clients and fans. Communication with like-minded people. 

  • The opportunity to express yourself. 

  • Personal page, active link of Teddy Mission exhibitor. 

  • The opportunity to show your work and find International clients.

  • Free participation in the contest with special designed awards.

  • Diploma of the participant of the International Exhibition Teddy Mission. 

  • Teddy Mission donates every 2 euro from participation fee to childrens charity, (read more about fundraising  mission) so together we can help to make a difference.

Artist's personal page will contain: Photograph of the artist, short biography, gallery of works, description of each work, contact details (e-mail & Instagram mention) price of work in Euros.


We do not take any commission on sales. Sales will not be processed through our website. Visitors will be able to contact every artist and make their purchases with them directly.

Important! To avoid confusion, the Author should indicate the category, where each of their work participates. This process takes place simultaneously with the sending of photos, work names and their description.



Exciting News! All participants have the opportunity to take part in our exclusive exhibition contest for FREE. We are designing five Beautiful & Exclusive Teddy Mission Awards to give away to five winners at the end of our spring virtual teddy show -

Teddy Mission 2021

If an Artist choses to take part in the contest then all of their exclusive works presented take part in all five nominations. 

Our Fabulous Jury Members:

Olga Titova, Susanne Täuber,

Aiga Mio Blowick.

Don't Miss Out!


  • Classic Teddy

  • Teddy and Friends

  • Soft Sculptures

  • Composition

  • Fantasy toy

  • Nature (realistic looking toy)

  • Vintage look

  • Miniatures

  • TeddyDoll

  • Felted Toy

  • Doll

 Contest Nominations

  1. Teddy Bear of The Show

  2. Composition of The Show

  3. Most Creative Work

  4. Extraordinary Technique

  5. Public Choice Award

Teddy Mission 2021


International Virtual Exhibition of

 Exclusive and One of a Kind Works

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